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We offer Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) Ofrecemos Terapia de Resolucion Acelerada.

What Is Accelerated Resolution Therapy? Que es (ART)? Mire este video.

We have been helping our patients since 2013,  throughout the Palm Beach County
area achieve their personal and professional goals. The essence of our work is to facilitate self-growth by helping our patient identifying their core challenges and setbacks in their life, so that you can overcome them with confidence. We specialize in creating personalized plans and providing tools to guide you forward achieving your desired goals.

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Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Group  (PSR)

What Is Psycho-social Rehabilitation?

PSR emphasis is on helping people with mental health conditions live as independently as possible and to become fully integrated into the communities in which they live.

While the  stigma surrounding mental health illness still exists, PSR strives to help reduce prejudice and foster social inclusion.

PSR tends to utilize what is known as the recovery model of mental health illness. Full recovery is frequently the goal, but it is seen as a process rather than an outcome. This approach is centered on the individual's potential for recovery and focused on providing empowerment, social inclusion, support, and coping skills.

Everyone's journey is individual and unique, and PSR can help people find meaning, hope, and growth no matter their abilities or effects of their illness.


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Our PSR program include a combination of Psycho-educational groups, Process groups and one time per week individual therapy sessions integrating Accelerated Resolution Therapy. 

ART is an evidence based therapy that involves eye movement and voluntary image replacement removing unpleasant emotional memories. It is effective to treat symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic attacks, due to traumatic events, PTSD, and more. The client does not need to talk about the traumatic experience and the positive results are often seen in the first session.
the objective is to provide the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. After one to four ART sessions, most patients will become well-versed at handling issues whenever and wherever they arise. Scroll down this page to see a video about ART.

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Principles of Psycho-social Rehabilitation

Guidance & Inspiration

No matter what form psychosocial services takes, core goals include helping people feel:

  • Hopeful: People may be left feeling demoralized as a result of their condition. Rehabilitation focuses on helping clients feel hopeful about the future.

  • Empowered: Each individual needs to feel that they are able to set their own goals and have the power and autonomy to pursue those aims.

  • Skilled: Rehabilitation helps teach people skills to help them manage their condition and live the life they want to live. This includes living skills, work skills, social skills, and others.

  • Supported: Mental health professionals should offer support and help clients build relationships and social connections in their community.

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Is PSR Right for me or my love one?

Who Can Benefit From Psycho-social Rehabilitation?

Many people can benefit from psycho-social rehabilitation. Not all people with mental illness require PSR. For some patients, medication, therapy, or a combination of the two treatments may be sufficient to restore functioning. Rehabilitation can be useful when individuals need additional recovery assistance to help them restore functioning.

Those who might benefit from PSR include:

  • People who need help restoring their full functioning after treatment

  • Those who are disabled and need ongoing assistance in multiple life domains

  • Individuals who, while functional, feel that they need a boost of support and assistance

  • People who lack the supportive environment and resources they need to achieve full functioning

Individuals with chronic and severe Psychiatric conditions can benefit from PSR services.

Rehabilitation can help these individuals learn basic skills that will allow them to function and cope with their condition. People with intellectual and cognitive disabilities can benefit from learning life, social, and self-care skills.

The time following the diagnosis of a mental health condition is a period of major transition. Patients may lose some functionality and new approaches that allow them to manage their condition. Their condition may have made it difficult to go to school, to work, or to maintain supportive relationships with others. Many aspects of life can be affected, including the person's employment status, housing situation, and family life.

Once their underlying condition has been addressed through treatment, the rehabilitation process can focus on helping people find the skills and support that they need to live full and satisfying lives.

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The Plan

Building on the Individual’s Strengths

Rather than simply focusing on areas of weaknesses, psychosocial treatments focus on empowering clients and building on their existing capabilities. These abilities help form a foundation upon which other important life skills can be developed through observation, modeling, education, and practice.

Some specific areas that psychosocial rehabilitation might address include skills training and experiences designed to boost:

  • Social skills

  • Self-esteem

  • Problem-solving

  • Resilience and mental toughness

  • Stress management


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