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Fenix Behavioral Health provides Outpatient Individual Counseling Services to our local clients with an office in the Palm Beach county area or through Telehealth in all State of Florida. We have been providing service for over 10 years, our mission is to to provide the highest level of quality services to our clients to overcome any mental challenges they are experiencing. 

Fenix Behavioral Health




Aser Ones, LCSW

Therapy Services in Florida

I'm a bilingual (Spanish and English) Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I specialize in helping individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression, and trauma. I'm passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals and enabling them to live life to their fullest potential. I'm a Certified Master Practitioner in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) which is a highly effective evidence-based modality for helping reduce symptoms of PTSD/Trauma in 1-5 sessions.

Hi! I'm Aser.

We practice Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), an evidence-based approach to achieve effective results in as fast as one session. We also use a combination of

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), 

Solution Focused Brief (SFBT),

Motivational Interviewing

& Narrative Therapy


to dive deep into the roots of your challenges.

Our Approach

Our therapeutic services provide profound relief for those grappling with anxiety, paving the way for a calmer, serene state of mind.


Experience a transformative journey with our specialized support, designed to significantly uplift those with depression.


For those facing the challenges of PTSD, our compassionate approach offers a path to substantial recovery and renewed hope.


What We Treat

Treatment is available in individual or couple sessions. In-office and virtual/telehealth services available.